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Quality, Moderately Priced Wine Storage

Presenting a full range of quality products, Summit wine cooler refrigerators offer some of the most enviable features in the wine refrigeration industry.

Summit’s line of products includes compact, upscale refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars and beer dispensers to name a few.

Their products are highly advanced and competent with commercial standards. The exclusive range of Summit models are designed to add elegance to your home as well as office.

Moreover, the company is known to offer energy efficient and user-friendly appliances.

Summit Wine Coolers-SWC1775 unit

Summit has an extensive collection of elegant wine coolers in the industry.

Most of the models are compact and full-sized, designed by experts in their commercial division located in the Bronx, NY. .

The especially built under-counter wine cellars that offer “build-your-own” system, allow you to customize temperature to your exact specifications, cabinet finish, shelves, doors and handles. These Summit models are used for lower level or built-in use.

Reviews and ratings of Summit wine refrigerators clearly reflect its elegance and class.

Summit Wine Cooler Refrigerator Models

Summit offers a wide range of cellars offering high standards. Many of them are certified for commercial wine storage like the SWC6G under counter series.

Full Size Summit Wine Coolers

These wine coolers are both full-sized as well as compact. With these models, you have the choice to customize the door trim, handle style, shelves, cabinet finish, and door finish. The Full-Size series includes 4 models:

Summit SWC1075 wine cooler

72-Bottle Wine Cooler-SWC1075 Model

With dimensions of 55″×24″×24″ (HxWxD), this nice Summit wine cooler is fitted with glass door which opens to the right.

It comes with a white body color, and has 10 scalloped shelves, red wine thermostat with which you adjust temperature for reds.

The cooler defrosts automatically. This model offers a capacity of 72 bottles.


  • cc. 800-945 $ (11.11-13.12 $ per bottle).

80- Bottle Wine Cellar – SWC1545 Model

This full-sized, counter depth model can accommodate up to 80 standard-sized bottles on 6 wooden shelves.

Comparing it to the SWC1075 model this unit’s extra features include two temeperature zones for which you can adjust individual temperature levels with the digital thermostat. Although compressor-run, the fridge doesn’t contain CFC-s which make it less harmful to the environment.

This model’s drawback over the 72-bottle model that it has no auto defrost system.

The push button controls make it easier to maintain perfect temperature for both white and red wines.
The Summit SWC1545 has double-paned, tempered, reversible glass door and black cabinet and black interior. The silver trimmed door is equipped with sturdy, stainless steel, vertical bar handle

It’s taller than the SWC1075 model (height: 64 1/4 “) though it’s slightly narrower (width:23”).

Price: 790 -915 $ (9.88-11.44 $ per bottle),.

120-Bottle Full-Size Summit Wine Cellars

SWC1735C and SWC1775 Models

Summit SWC 1735C wine cooler

This Summit wine coolers feature a stylish European wine preservation system with elegant wooden shelves and gently curved tinted glass doors.

The door is also double pane and tempered for good thermal insulation. It opens to the right and has a front lock.

Designed for serious wine enthusiasts, this model is suitable for all types of wine.

Summit SWC1735C Model’s Standard Features Include:

  • fluorescent light,
  • automatic defrost,
  • activated carbon filter for cleaning the air getting inside the cooler, and
  • humidity control.

The models are also equipped with vibration dampening system that reduces vibration to minimum level that doesn’t affect the natural sedimentation in wines.

These compressor-run models are also 100% CFC-free.

The SWC1775 Summit wine cooler differs from the SWC1735C in its body color which is black and that it has two tinted, double pane, tempered glass doors.

Price of the SWC1735C Summit wine cellar model: 1190 $-1330 $ (9.91-11.08 $ per bottle).

Price of the SWC1775 model: 1163 $-1370 $ (9.69-11.42 $ per bottle).

TIP: the Sub-Zero 427 a wine cooler model offer slightly larger storage capacity (132 bottles).

Suumit Compact Wine Cooler SCR 310L-WC model

Compact Wine Coolers by Summit: SCR310L-CSS-WC & SCR310L-WC Models

These are commercial wine refrigerators with medium capacity of 24 bottles.

Only 24 inches high, these 2 Summit models perfectly compliment the full size and under-counter wine cellars.

They come with:

  • adjustable wine shelves,
  • black finish,
  • double pane, tempered glass doors,
  • standard front-lock, and
  • auto defrost

Summit offers modification of these refrigerators, which includes stainless steel model. Further, it adds racking as well as a precision digital thermostat.

Both models operate without CFC, so they’re a good choice if you want a product as environmental friendly as possible.

SCR310L-CSS-WC features a stainless steel cabinet, fully automatic defrost, 16-inch long stainless steel handle, and a front mounted lock. It has to be selected either with left or right hand door swing.

The SCR310L-WC comes with reversible door, a front mounted lock and fully automatic defrost. These compact models can be fit into top or below counters.


  • Price of the SCR310L-WC model: 305-425 $ (12.71.-17.71 $ per bottle)
  • The SCR310L-CSS-WC model cost cc. 520-675 $ (21.66-28.13 $ per bottle).

These models are perfect for commercial use, though their features make them ideal for home wine storage, too.

Counter Height Summit Wine Cellars

Summit Undercounter wine coolers-SWC-6G series

These are auto defrost models with cold wall design (with the evaporator concealed behind the rear wall).

While these models aren’t for built-in use their dimensions: height: 32-34 “, width: 24″ width, and depth: less than 24 inches ensure convenient placement under a kitchen or bar counter.

It’s base model the Summit SWC-6G wine cooler series is available in black and white with wire shelving and is approved for commercial use ( ETL-Sanitary listed and meets ANSI-NSF Standard 7). All of hte SWC-6G models are made in Europe and are of high quality.

The models with flat wooden shelves aren’t for commercial use. These Summit wine coolers are furnished with reversible doors so you can opt for left hand or right hand door swing.

With an inventive stainless steel handle mounting bracket, the factory frames are fit to install custom panels and custom handles.

Further, these models offer you the choice of customizing shelf style, temperature setting, white, black or stainless steel cabinets, door finish and handle choice.

The counter height wine cooler units include SWC520, the SWC6CSSTB, and the SWC6GBL-CSSWO enclosing the best features of Summit.

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For wine storage appliance with medium storage capacity browse our top picks of 40-50 bottle wine coolers.

Built-In Summit Wine Cellars

Summit Built-In Wine Coolers Model SWC 1530

These undercounter models gave the added benefit of “build your own” system with the ability to customize cabinet finish, doors, shelves, handles to your preferences.

Most units in this series are approved of both freestanding placement and built-in use.

Summit SWC 1530 28-bottle Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This compact wine cooler cabinet accommodates 28 wine bottles on 6 scalloped, chrome racks. The black cabinet comes with tinted, double pane glass door with stainless steel trim. The door opens to the right.

An extra feature in this model is the temperature alarm that warns you in case the temperature exceeds or goes below the set value. Electronic control and LCD display for temperature setting.

Dimensions – Summit SWC 1530

  • Height: 33 1/2″
  • Width: 14 3/4″
  • Depth: 24″

Price: 680-700 $ (24.28 – 25.0 $ per bottle).

Summit SWC530LBI 46-Bottle Wine Cooler

This dual temperature zone wine cellar stores 46 bottles of wine on 6 wood shelves. The unit vents in the front and its compact design makes it ideal for built-in installation under a kitchen counter.

TIP: Read a detailed review on the Summit SWC530LBI wine cooler.

Similar Products:

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Summit SWC6GBL-CSSWO 51-bottle wine cooler model

This capacious model has stainless steel body with double pabe, tempered glass door with left-hand or right hand swing option. The door has a full-lenght bar handle and includes a front lock.

This unit with white body is the SWC-6GWL-CSSWO Summit wine cooler.

Price: 1116 $-1330 $ (21.88-26.08 $ per bottle).

Summit SCR600L-OS-RC Beverage Center

Summit Outdoor beverage Center

If you look for a wine fridge for outdoor use look at the Summit SCR600L-OS-RC beverage cooler. This model has 3 sturdy wire shelves for storing canned beverages and two wooden shelves on the top for wine bottles.

The stainless steel body comes with aluminium trimmed glass door with lock and full lenght stainless steel handle. The unit comes with outdoor line cord that includes a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). It has U.L approval for outdoor use.

The interrior light, auto defrost and adjustable thermostat are standard features.

Price: 1215 $-1520 $

If you looking for the wine cooler with extensive features and standard quality Summit wine coolers are one of the best choices for you.

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