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Professional Wine Cabinets for Long Term Storage

If you want storage conditions for your wine collection that are close to that of natural wine caves or chateau wine vaults then consider buying a EuroCave Wine Cellar which is said to be the best in the category of home wine cellars.

Although today there are a couple of other wine cellar brands that manufacture high-end wine cabinets and cellars that can also compete for the title “the world’s best wine cellars”, EuroCave was the first company to develop self-contained wine cellars that replicate the conditions existing in a natural cave cellar.

In a Eurocave wine cabinet your wines will be stored at precise temperature and humidity level ensuring longterm preservation and maturing.

The first Eurocave cellar was made in 1976 in France and since then the team of their developers managed to maintain and even increase the qualiy of their legendary wine storage units.

The French company has extended the range of their wine cabinets which are now available in 70 countries.

In the past couple of decades Eurocave came out with something new almost every year, offfering modular storage racks, alarm systems, a wider choice in finishes etc.

EuroCave is an established company that made a name in the world of wine storage appliances with their top-quality wine cellars.

Apart from advanced storage technology, EuroCave wine cellars carry an aura of refined elegance that will look stylish in any home.

Several parts of the wine cabinets can be customized to your taste: e.g. instead of wooden casing you can opt for stainless steel body if you want your wine cellar to look modern.

Recommended EuroCave Wine Cellars

EuroCave offers 4 wine cellar ranges satisfying the needs of various customer needs. Price of the wine cabinets in each series depends on racking configuration and what sort of customization you order.

You can choose from more than 50 wine cabinets ranging from 50 to 100 bottles in capacity.

EuroCave has the following main wine cabinet ranges:

  • The Compact 59 Range – single-zone wine maturing (models: V059, V159 and V259) and multi-temperature serving cabinets (models: S059, S159 and S259) designed to fit in small spaces. Read more about the Eurocave Compact Wine Cabinets here.
  • The Classic 83 Rangesingle-zone cabinets for maturing wine, includes 3 models. V083: small, V183 medium and V283 large cabinet. The Classic 83 cabinets designed for wine serving are multi-temperature units: S083 (small), S183 (medium), S283 (large). There are also two 3-temperature zone models in this range (E183 and E283)
  • The 92 Range currently has one model the V292 wine maturing cabinet with one temperature zone.
  • the Première Range – includes three 1 temperature-zone models the V101 small, the V166 medium and the V266 large cabinet. These are ideal entry level home cellars with no-frill fetaures but maximum capacity. It differs from the Classic range in the followings: doesn’t contain humidity reservoir, no fans, digital control panel is red LED, no internal lights, comes in black only

Other EuroCave wine cabinet ranges

Common Features

  • Solidly-built cabinets with excellent thermal insulation. Walls contain 5 cm thick Cellular Quality Insulation (CQI). Stone relief aluminium (SRA) interior walls to help maintain humidity level.
  • Twin Process Thermal Regulation system ensures constant temperature between 10 – 14°C (50°F – 57°F) creating an environment existing in natural wine cellars and allowing you to experiment with aging. This advanced, electronic regulation controls temperature down to a 10th of a degree preventing excessive variation in the temperature.
  • Most cabinets are designed to be used at ambient temperature between 0 – 35°C (32°F- 95°F), so if you wish you can install one in your garage or basement. Multi-temperature wine cabinets can be used between 12 – 35°C (54 – 95°F) ambient temp.
  • Patented humidity control system (called Hygro) for maintaining proper humidity level. It’s combined with an alarm system that warns you if relative humidity level goes below 50%. Humidity isn’t adjustable in EuroCave wine cabinets.
  • According to EuroCave “The exclusive hygrometry preservation and management systems (NeoFresh or Hygro+) combined with the SRA aluminium walls guarantee an ideal level of hygrometry – greater than 50%.”
  • Digital touch pad controls and LCD display for monitoring the cabinet’s interior temperature.
  • Natural ventillation with charcoal air filter to clean the incoming air and ensure proper humidity level inside the cabinet. The charcoal filter is needed to be replaced once a year which costs cc. US$40 – 45.
  • Vibration Exclusion System (VES) to eliminate vibration caused by the compressor.
  • Fairly silent operation, EuroCave wine refrigerators generate cc. 39 – 42 dBA noise when the compressor runs.
  • Audible and Visual Alarms to warn you in case temperature is out of the set level or humidity drops below 50%, the door’s been left open, and when it’s time to change the charcoal filter.
  • Sliding wood shelves and adjsutable fixed wood shelves allowing you to choose a racking configuration that suits your needs the best.

All units come with the following warranties:

  • 1 year parts and labor,
  • 2 years parts,
  • 5 years on compressor, and
  • 10 years on the cabinet.

Doors of all EuroCave wine cellars are reversible and come with lock & key sets. You can opt for full-glass door or solid door.

The glass door consists of two 4 mm thick tempered glass sheets with 20 mm vacuum layer in between them to ensure excellent thermal insulation. The door glass contains a screen to filter out UV rays that can spoil wine.

The wine cabients are environmental-friendly appliances.

The company makes a lot of effort to ensure that their wine cabinets and the process of manufacturing have the least possible impact on the environment.

The compressor don’t contain cooling agents that are threat to the environment (no CFC, HFC-s that are responsible for thining of the ozone layer).

The wood used for manufacturing the racks comes from plantations audited by a third party organization. What’s more, these refrigerated wine cabinets have low electricity consumption, around 0.9-1.0 kWh/24h.

Top-Notch Customer Service

The manufacturer provides a very efficient after sale customer service. The companies international service network is avlaibale to all EuroCave distributors in 70 countries.

Local distributors’ staff can access the technical service line on-line and are able to find a solution to a problem very quickly. If necessary original EuroCave spare parts can be promptly dispatched to a distributor.

Should you experience problem with your wine cabinet, EuroCave’s highly efficient customer and after sale service ensures that no matter in what country you live your problem will be dealt with efficiency.

Compact Wine Cabinets – Fit To Small Spaces

The Eurocave Compact Wine cabinets were designed for those who are tight on space.

The dimensions of these wine refrigerators and the front venting allow you to find a built-in arrangement for the unit in your kitchen.

The compact-size wine cabinets have the benefit of well-fit installation even in a tightly furnished kitchen.

The Eurocave Compact Wine Cabinets offer you the choice of wine cellars either with single-zone or with multiple temperature zones.

The single-zone wine cabinets which are ideal for long-term wine storage come in 3 sizes:

  • small (model 059) stores max. 53 bottles,
  • medium (model 159) stores up to 97 bottles, and
  • large (model 259), can hold max. 164 bottle

The multiple-temp.-zone wine cabinet is available in two sizes only: small (model 059), and large (model 259).

All compact cabinets are black as standard decor. The small units (model 059) don’t include lock system.

All models are available with either solid door or glass door. Due to the venting in the front the Compact Eurocave cabinets are not as silent as the Origine or Classic models.

Find out more details about EuroCave Compact Wine Cabinets.

TIP: Liebherr wine coolers also offer multiple temperature zones.

V059 model – 1 Temperature Zone, Built-In

The V059 is the smallest and most compact wine refrigerator offered by EuroCave. You can store up to 54 regular size bottles on standard adjustable shelves.


  • Height: 32 1/2″,
  • Width: 23 1/2″,
  • Depth (without the stainless steel bar handle): 21 3/4″

Weight: 43 kg, 95 lbs.

Can be easily placed and installed under the kitchen counter or fit into existing kitchen cabinetry.

The black cabinet has reversible, see-through glass door. The well-built cabinet with thick, insulated walls enusres steady temperature for your wines between 50 – 57°F (10 – 14°C) with max. 1 degree fluctuation.

The technical features include the hygrometer for controling humidity level which is dispalyed on an LCD monitor. An alarm warns you if humidity drops below 50% or when temperaure is out of the set level..

The price of the V059 Wine Cabinet depends on the shelving configuration and whether you want it with solid door (cheaper) or with glass door, with 1-year warranty on the unit and 5-year warranty on the compressor .

From Wineenthusiast you can get this model under the name Eurocave Performance 59 Built-in wine cellar for cc. US$2300 which includes 4 wooden, rolling shelves and a base shelf.

In the Eurocave Compact V059 wine cellar you can chill whites, store reds or experiment with aging.

The solidly built unit ensures smooth operation, steady temperature and humidity level, condititions that are almost the same as they’re in a natural wine cave. What can be best for your prized wines?

TIP: the N’Finity 50-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cabinet is a more affordable option over the EuroCave V059 though it is undoubtedly not of as superior quality as Eurocave but it is a sturdy, reliable wine cabinet at reasonable price.

TIP: read our article about aging wine and to find recommended wine coolers for aging.

EuroCave Classic Wine Cellars

Single, Dual, Three & Multiple Temperature Zones

The Classic series offers more options in design and cabinet finishes than the Origine models. Another added feature is the Hygro system that enables you to monitor humidity level inside the cabinet.

An internal fan and the ribbed aluminium walls capture and distribute humidity and heat evenly inside the cabinet. All Clasic cabinets come with UV-free interior lighting.

The sliding shelves can accommodate from 7 (magnums) to 12 (standard) bottles. On the fixed shelves you can stack wines in several rows for long term storage.

All Classic models are equipped with alarm system that gives and audible signal in case the door is left open, the temperature fluctuates outside the normal parameters or if the humidity drops to a too low level.

The Classic Cabinets are available in 7 cabinet colors. You can order you cabinet with soild door or smoked glass door.

The Eurocave Classic Wine cellars offer different options regarding the number of temperature zones:

Single-Zone Classic Models: V083, V183 and V283

The 1-temperature-zone classic wine cabinets are designed for maturing wine. All 3 models are equipped with the Hygro+ humidity management system.

The cabinets come with clay casette to which you can add water to increase humidity if necessary. An LCD screen displays the actual humidity level inside the cabinet.

Eurocave Classic V083

In the US: EuroCave Performance 83 Wine Cellar (1-Temp) (Black – Glass Door

Eurocave Classic V183

In the US: EuroCave Performance 183 Wine Cellar (1-Temp) (Black – Glass Door

Eurocave Classic V283

In the US: EuroCave Performance 283 Wine Cellar (1-Temp) (Black – Glass Door

Capacity: max. 92 bottles

Temp. range: 10-14 °C (50-57 °F)

Humidity: above 65%

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 876 x 654 x 689

Capacity: max. 183 bottles

Temp. range: 10-14 °C (50-57 °F)

Humidity: above 65%

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 1444 x 654 x 689

Capacity: max. 235 bottles

Temp. range: 10-14 °C (50-57 °F)

Humidity: above 65%

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 1744 x 654 x 689

2-Temperature Zone Classic Wine Cellars D83 Range

The D83 Classic wine cellars are designed for aging wine. They have a chilling compartment where you can brig up to 10 bottles of wine to the ideal serving temperature.

The range includes two models the D183 (max. 174 bottles) and the larger D283 (max. 223 bottles).

Eurocave Classic D283 Wine cabinet

With its 223-bottle capacity this is the more spacious out of the 2 dual-temp-zone models (the D183 model can accommodate cc. 158 bottles).

It features two distinct compartments with individual temperature setting and control for maturing reds and for chilling whites.

The upper compartment’s temperature range is 53 – 57°F which is perfect for longterm storage and aging.The temperature in the bottom compartment can be set between 40 – 44°F which is ideal for chilling whites and champagne.

The classic Eurocave wine cellar models offer a uniquely wide choice in cabinet finishes: all-black, black-grain, coffee, cocoa, bronze, zinc, white grain so that you can select a decor that matches perfectly the style of your home furnishing.

Soft, amber UV-free interior light displays the bottles elegantly which of course can be seen if you opt for the glass door instead of solid door.

The slide-out wood-metal shelves can be arranged to your liking within the cabinet and they can take 7 (magnums) -13 (Bordeaux-style bottles) bottles of wine.

On the wooden fixed shelves you can stack the bottles for longterm storage and to utilize the unit to its fullest capacity.

Extra technical features include:

  • The walls of the cabinet contain 50 mm thick special insulation (Cellular Quality Insulation – CQI) which has the insulation ability equivalent of 2-meter thick earth layer.
  • The Hygro humidity control system enhanced by the ribbed aluminium inner walls.
  • An internal fan ensures proper ventilation (there’s a charcoal filter for cleaning the air) and helps maintain humidity level.
  • Vibration Exclusion System for eliminating vibrations – compressor is equipped with vibartion dampeners.
  • Alarms warning you when the temperature or humidity is out of the set level or when the door isn’t closed appropriately.
  • Offers larger storage capacity than other models on the market with the same dimensions (H: 68 1/2″, W: 25 3/4″ D: 27 1/8″)

Electricity consumption of the wine cellar is 1 kWh/24 hours which isn’ much considering the size of the cabinet.

Read more about Dual Zone Wine Coolers.

Three-Temperature Zone EuroCave Classic Wine cabinets

The 3-zone wine cabinets are designed to be used between 12 – 25 °C (54 – 77°F) ambient temperature. You can choose from 7 cabinet colors and opt for a solid or glass door.

Eurocave Classic E183

In the US: EuroCave Performance 183 Wine Cellar 83 Temp)

Eurocave Classic E283

In the US: EuroCave Performance 283 Wine Cellar (3 Temp)

Capacity: max. 169 bottles

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 1444 x 654 x 689 Capacity: max: 211 bottles

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D): 1744 x 654 x 689

Multi-Temperature Models: S083, S183 & S283

The Multi-temperaure wine cabinets in the Classic range are designed for wine serving. The models have 6 -10 temperature levels allowing you to bring several types of wine to the desired serving temperature.

The cabinets are available in 7 colors and can be ordered with solid or smoked glass door.

These cabinets are meant to be used between 12 – 35°C (54 – 95°F) ambient temperature.

EuroCave Classic S083

EuroCave Classic S183

EuroCave Classic S283

Capacity: max. 92 bottles

Number of Zones: up to 6

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D):
876 x 654 x 689Capacity: max. 183 bottles

Number of Zones: up to 8

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D):
1444 x 654 x 689Capacity: max. 235 bottles

Number of Zones: up to 10

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D):
1744 x 654 x 689

TIP: see other multi-temperature-zone-wine cabinets.

EuroCave Origine Wine Cabinets

The Origine Wine Cellars have single temperature zone and come with a remote temperature control with which you can set tempearture between 10°C – 14°C (50°F – 57°F).

The remote control is fitted on front of the door but you can detach it and carry it with you around your home.

The round shape silver control has an orange display on which you can clearly monitor the temperature inside the unit and with the push buttons you can easily change temperature settings up to 60 meters (200 ft.) from the wine cabinet.

The Origine wine cabinets are available in two storage capacities:

  • the V100 model can accommodate around 100 wine bottles while
  • in the V180 model you can place approximately 170 bottles (depending on shelving configuration). Note that the storage capacity of both units depends on bottle size and on how you arrange the shelves.

To maintain constant temperature level the insulation of the door and the whole cabinet is equivalent of cc. 2 meters of earth.

The unique Vibration Exclusion System (VES) prevents any form of vibration so your wines can rest and mature in peace. The Origine V100 and V180 EuroCave wine cabinets are energy efficient appliances using only 0.8 kWh a day.

The two models have the same width and depth only the height differs: the 100-bottle cellar is just under 1 m while the 170-bottle capacity cabinet is around 1.5 m tall.

Exact dimensions:

Eurocave Origine V100:

  • Height: 950 mm (37.4″)
  • Width: 654 mm (25.75″)
  • Depth: 689 mm (27.13″)

Eurocave Origine V180:

  • Height: 1444 mm (56.85″)
  • Width: 654 mm (25.75″)
  • Depth: 689 mm (27.13″)

If you’re really serious about wine tasting and collecting you can order a special Presenttaion Kit to impress your friends and guests or just for your own enjoyment.

The Presentation kit includes:

  • a service kit for 33 bottles,
  • a presentation shelf for 22 bottles, and
  • a tasting sliding shelf accommodating 20 bottles

The EuroCave Origine V100 is a matte, all-black cabinet with reversible solid black door that includes lock-key set.

For a better view of the stored wines you can opt for a glass door but they charge you extra cost for that. The unit stores around 100 -104 regular size, Bordeaux style bottles.

The natural air ventilation ensures stable temperature level.

The capacity also depends on how you arrange the shelving which includes 1 fixed (storage) shelf and 1 sliding shelf. Additional rolling shelves can be ordered so that you can access and remove bottles more easily.

Price of the EuroCave Origine V100 wine cellar with standard features (solid door+standard shelving):

  • US$1500 – 2000 (US$15 – 20 per bottle) which is a very friendly price considering the unique features.

EuroCave Origine V180 Wine Cabinet

The other model in the Origine range includes 2 fixed racks and 2 sliding shelves for which you can add more shelves at extra cost. Its features and decor are the same as that of the Origine V100 unit.

Price of the standard Origine V180 wine cellar : US$ 2000 – 2800 (US$ 11.76 – 16.47 per bottle) for a glass door you have to pay an extra US$ 500, additional shelves also increase the total price.

All in all the Eurocave Origine Wine Cellars are reasonable and quality choice for those who have just started out collecting wines and the number of bottles doesn’ require a capacious, large wine cellar.

Eurocave Le Petite Wine Cooler

The La Petite is a compact wine bar and preservation system that is ideal for a serving cabinet.

It stores 10 bottles horizontally with the unique du Sommelier support system.

You can also keep 2 unfinished bottles of wine in it standing upright and the oxygen extraction system will preserve its quality for up to 10 days.

Read more about the Eurocave La Petite wine cooler.

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