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Chill Wine in Style

With a GE Monogram wine cooler you not only ensure quality cooling and storing for your favourite wines but enhance the look of your kitchen.

The GE Monogram Wine Refrigerator Series is a great design to have in your kitchen. Regarding American and European styling; you have ample choices to style your kitchen according to your preferences.

GE Monogram Built-In wine coolers

GE Monogram wine coolers are made of stainless steel and are very easy to clean; the decor matches with all kinds of surface.

The reviews and ratings of GE Monogram wine coolers prove that they are a great buy that maintain an aesthetic sense and are also very convenient for using.

The coolers will look great in your home and they are very much efficient.

Main Features & Benefits of GE Monogram Wine Coolers

GE Monogram Wine Cabinets-Shelving

The GE Monogram wine fridges come with adjustable temperature settings ranging from the

  • low 40s ºF to
  • the mid 60s ºF.

You will get wine fridges that come with 7 full-width shelves, having a capacity of accommodating a maximum of 50 champagne or wine bottles.

Apart from your wine bottles, the GE Monogram wine-cooler will also store different kinds of beverage containers, such as quart bottles, cans, as well as two-liter bottles; the wine fridges also accommodate reclining 14 wine bottles.

A soft interior lighting turns on automatically when you open the door, but it can turned on or off based on your preference.

No matter what’s the purpose for chilling your wines, whatever the occasion may be, this wine cooler will make it very convenient for you to get the appropriately chilled glasses of wine for serving your guests.

These wine chillers have transparent glass doors that let you have a good look into the interior of your wine cooler. When you go for the GE products, you are going for a high quality product.

GE Monogram wine coolers have been manufactured for a long time ensuring reliability. You can have your GE Monogram wine refrigerator customized according to your preferences.

.A GE Monogram wine cooler is elegant looking appliance and at the same time it does not make too much noise.

No matter whatever tastes you may have, there is a model that will suit your tastes and be a preferred choice. The best part of these wine coolers is that they do their work of cooling and storing wine bottles in style and efficiently

The temperature of these wine coolers can be conveniently maintained. You will find a simple temperature control with which you can set the ideal temperature to appropriately chill your wines.

You can store your wine bottles either for aging or for the purpose of serving them at their ideal temperature. The units either have manual thermostat (a temperature control knob) or digital control panel for setting the temp. The interior temperature can be monitored on a digital display.

Review of GE Monogram ZDW240 Wine Coolers

GE Monogram ZDWT240PBS wine cooler

In the GE Monogram ZDW240 wine reserve models you can place the bottles either horizontally or vertically on the sliding wine racks to neatly organize your wines.

The ZDWT240PBS GE Monogram 12 -bottle wine cooler has a special glass door that you can adjust to be either opaque or clear.

Price of the ZDWT240PBS GE Monogram 12 -bottle wine cooler: around US$ 1660.

The ZDWR240PBS (57 bottles) and the ZDWC240PBS (57 bottles) models have tempered doors and filter out UV rays. You can reverse the door opening of the GE Monogram ZDWC240PBS wine fridge. All models in this series come with unfinished cherry wood shelf fronts.

Price: GE Monogram ZDWC240PBS: US$ 1090, GE Monogram ZDWR240PBS: US$ 1190.

TIP: Some consumers of General Electrics Monogram Wine Fridge series have complained of not being able to place larger size bottles while other users had tried all kinds of wine bottles and had no problem fitting them in.

However, if you have an oversized bottle of wine or champagne, pull out one of the shelves by pressing the plastic buttons on the sides to make room.

GE Monogram ZDB240 Beverage Center and Wine Cooler

This appliance is perfect for those who often invite over friends and relatives to have a small party.

The beverage cooler can hold and kept chilled around 10 bottles of wine and 126 beverage cans (12 ounce). The GE Monogram undercounter beverage cooler can be seamlessly built into your kitchen furnishing or used it as a standalone unit.

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More Wine Storage Units from General Electric

The GE PWR04FANBS 29 -Bottle wine cooler is a single zone freestanding unit with display shelf.

GE Monogram Walk-In Wine Vault

This capacious wine room looks like a steel chamber but in fact it’s a highly advanced in-home wine cellar for serious wine connosieurs who don’t mind spending around US$ 30,000 on their hobby.

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Official Site of the Manufacturer: GE Monogram Wine & Beverage Coolers

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