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Should You Buy a Top-of-the-Line Home Wine Cabinet?

For the serious wine aficionados wine collecting is passion bordering on obsession. For them high-end wine cooler refrigerators listed on this page offer highly developed refrigeration combined with elegance.
Luxury wine coolers are marvelous pieces not only ensuring perfect storage conditions for your wines but their stylish décor will enhance the look of your kitchen or dining room.
With an easy access to the wine cooler, you can serve your guests with perfectly chilled wine whenever required.

However, the matter of concern is choosing a quality wine cooler, which could preserve your wines at their best.

Most wine refrigerators in the higher-end category perform a superb job of maintaining a constant temperature.

There are several luxury wine refrigerators with dual or multiple temperature zones especially designed to store red as well as white wines at proper temperatures.

TIP: read review of Amana wine cabinets an elegant 3-Zone wine refrigerator range offering 173-203 bottles capacity.

Different Styles, Sizes and Designs

Luxury wine refrigerators are available in a number of styles, sizes and designs to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for fancy wine coolers that could add up to your room’s furnishing or a plain model with quality features – you can easily avail them. Moreover, there are larger as well as smaller compact luxury wine coolers to meet your needs.

You can choose from built-in cabinets, mounted under a kitchen or bar counter and from freestanding models.

These elegant wine refrigerators can be placed almost anywhere in your house – basement, dining room, in your kitchen or garage. Most of them feature solid or glass panel doors.

Regarding the size, it is always wise to buy a capacious wine refrigerator. As you add to your wine collection, you would require more space for storage.

If you are a beginner, a refrigerator with capacity ranging between 6 to 20 bottles would be ideal. In the medium sized units you would be able to store up to 60 bottles. However, for a larger wine collection you can opt for refrigerators with 110 to 500 bottles storage space.

The price of luxury wine cooler refrigerators can be quite high yet reasonable, given the unique features, high quality of materials and the dependability they offer. A 50-60 bottle cooler may cost you around $2,000, while price of larger units is a couple of thousand dolalrs. Price also depends on extra features and customization options.

Serious collectors might want to install a complete walk-in wine cellar within their homes to provide proper storage for their numerous wine bottles and to impress their guests.

Recommended Luxury Wine Coolers & Wine Cabinets

Only a few brands on the market offer wine coolers with full accessories for luxury. Some of the elite names among the high-end wine refrigerators include the Electrolux Icon Designer Series E24WC160ES.

With a capacity of 160 bottles, this model is favorite with many wine enthusiasts. This 24″ freestanding wine cooler provides excellent storage for your finest wines. Featuring a unique “absorption cooling” system the unit offers specific humidity and temperature levels essential for maintaining ideal storage conditions for wines. Further, it is absolutely quiet and free from vibrations. Another name in the list of luxury wine refrigerators is the Viking VUWC141FLSS Wine Cooler. This is a highly priced model with excellent ratings that can accommodate up to 54 bottles.

If you’re looking for a furniture-style wine storage unit than atke a look at some of the top Wine Credenza models (Le Cache, Vinotheque, Vinotemp, AmeriCave)

Vinotheque manufactures elegant wood wine cabinets equipped with powerful climate control system. Vinotheque wine cabinets store several hundreds of wine bottles and are available in many styles and decor.

Eurocave wine refrigerators are also reputed for their features and high-quality of performance. The company offers some brilliantly designed models that provide ideal conditions for storing wine. Read review of the Eurocave Compact range Wine Cellars.

Transtherm Wine Cabinets – the Australian Transtherm/Vintec company makes high-quality home wine cellars that are suited for long-term storage. Models are available in several sizes with 1, 3 or multiple temperature zones.

Check out Sub-Zero 427 wine coolers with two temperature zones. The Liebherr 3 temperature zone WS 14300 wine cabinet has storage space for 143 bottles of wine.

Wine coolers and refrigerators by U-Line are are also premium category appliances with advanced features and exquisite design.

The U-Line Echelon 2 Drawer Wine Cooler is a highly-advanced elegant wine storage unit in the high-end category.

if you look for a 100+ bottle wine stoarge cabinet then take a look at some recommmended 100-bottle wine cooler refrigerator models most of which have two temp. zones.

Read review of Le Cache Contemporary Wine Cellars.

The Vintage Keeper Nuvo VP 500 wine cabinet is a very cost-effective wine storage unit with max. 500 bottles capacity.

For a real spacious (and expensive) home wine storage unit take a look at GE Monogram walk-in wine vault.

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Other High-End Wine Cooler & Refrigerator Brands Worth to Check Are: