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Sleek, Advanced Wine Storage Solution

The Liebherr WS 14300 wine cabinet is one of the multi-temperature wine storage cabinets made by Liebherr, a Germany-based international company, designer and manufacturer of advanced refrigeration appliances including residential wine cellars.

Liebherr wine cabinets are manufactured with the characteristic German precision and implementation of strict quality control in every phase of design and production.

The advanced technology is combined with sleek European design ensuring that the wine cabinet will fit in any modern home design.

Main Features & Benefits of Liebherr WS 14300 Wine Cabinet

The Liebherr WS 14300 is a 3-temperature-zone wine cabinet with a storage capacity of cc. 143 bottles of wine. It has 3 indepent temperature zones each with its own electronic control. You can set temperature of the 3 compartments in the range of 37ºF – 68ºF (3ºC – 20ºC).

Two touch button control panels are integrated in the cooler, one for the middle and upper compartment in the upper part of the unit and one for the lower compartment.

The 3 temperature zone is perfect for keeping wines at ready-to-serve temperature in 2 compartments and using the 3rd zone for storing red wines for a longer period. This freestanding cabinet by Liebherr doesn’t require you for renovating your kitchen in order to build the cabinet in. You can place this attractive wine cellar in your living room or entertainment room as a standalone unit.

Restaurants and/or wine bars will find that buying a Liebherr WS 14300 wine cellar is money well spent since the stylish cabinet with the finely illuminated wines will attract customers’ eye and tempt them to taste some of the wines with their meals.

There’s lock & key set so that the wine cabinet can be kept safely locked preventing unwanted access, which is necessary in a restaurant or bar, but even at home you might want to keep it locked.

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Apart from precise temperature control the digital ventilation control ensures humidity level between 50% – 80% which is ideal when you store wine for a longer period of time (more than 1 year).

The quality of air inside the cabinet influences the maturing process. Three charcoal air filters are integrated in the cabinet that provide clean, dust- and odor-free air for the interiror of the wine cellar.

For maximum performance replace the filters once a year. Changing the filter is simple just follow the instructions in he instruction manual provided for the wine cabinet.

The control panels contains the following operating buttons:

  • Temperature setting buttons for the middle and upper compartment (Up and Down arrows, you can increase or decrease the set temperature in increments of 1ºC by briefly pressing the Up or Down arrows),
  • Interrior light on/off button – LED interior lights provide illumination of your wine collection in all 3 compartments – the intensity of lighting can be adjusted: just press and hold the Light button and at the same time press the temp. setting buttons (up and down arrows) to increase or decrease the brightness. Note: the brightness of lighting will change in all 3 compartments.
  • Child proof lock – protects the appliance from being switched off accidentally.
  • Fan button,
  • On/Off button,
  • Audible alarm on/off button – it beeps when the door is left open fpr longer than 1 minute and when the temperature is out of the set range.
  • Temperature display for the middle and upper compartment (LCD screen: temperature in the first row indicates temperature inside the upper zone, below it is the interior temperature of the middle zone).


10 pull-out wooden shelves and 3 base shelves can hold up to 143 bottles of wine (the capacity is for standard 750 ml Bordeaux bottles) which makes the Liebherr WS 14300 Vinidor wine cabinet a fairly capacious home wine storage unit. The telescopic rails of the pull-out shelves ensure smooth sliding out and convenient access of wine bottles.

Label holders and labels are included for each shelf so that you can label the shelves the type of wine stored on them.

The double pane tinted glass door’s direction of opening can be reversed without an extra kit. The ergonomic door handles have integrated door opening mechanism ensuring smooth opening of the door. The stainless steel trim of the door matches the stainless steel cabinet.

With the leveling legs you adjust the cabinet’s feet height as well as level placement.

Dimensions of the Liebherr WT 14300 Wine Cellar:

  • Height: 72.5″ (1855 mm)
  • Width: 26″ (660 mm)
  • Depth: 27″ (671 mm)

Liebherr Wine Cabinets – the Greenest Wine Refrigeration Units in the World

Liebherr claims that their wine cabinets are the most emvironmental friendly ones available on the market. They have low energy consumption meeting and exceeding the new requirements for Energy Star rating.

Furthermore Liebherr appliances meet the RoHS compliance (RoHS stands for Restriction of the use of certain hazardours substances in electrical and electronic equipment) meaning that their refrigerators including wine coolers contain less hazardous materials. The company uses materials for manufacturing its products that are less threat to our environment and to our health.

All their refrigerators inlcluding the wine cabinets are CFC-free (CFC-s are cooling chemicals used in refrigerators and are responsible for the thinning of the ozone layer). The packaging of Liebherr products are recyclable.

Power consumption of Liebherr WS 14300 wine cabinet: cc. 332 kWh/year:

Price of the Liebherr 3 Temperature Zone Wine Cabinet, Model WS 14300: cc. US$ 4500 (US$ 31.47 per bottle).

Warranty: limited 1 year for the entire appliance.

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