Should You Buy the Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Cooler?

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The Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone wine cooler is an elegant, generously-sized model, designed for built-in/freestanding placement.

Read on to find out about its features, pros & cons, and why we think it’s a good choice if you are looking to buy a 2-zone home cellar!

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The fridge has space for 30-46 bottles of wine, depending on bottle size and shape. According to the manufacturer, capacity is based on bottles that measure 2.75″ in diameter, and 11.8″ in height.

What’s more, it has dual temperature sections to keep whites and reds at their most suitable temperature.

If you are picky about the wines you buy and drink, you might want to keep them in a dedicated wine fridge to preserve the flavours. The Kalamera KRC-46DZB will do just that in an attractive package!

double red arrow pointing to the right Quick Specs

Brand: Kalamera

Model: Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, KRC-46DZB

Zones: Dual-Zone (16 bottles can go in the top zone, 30 in the bottom zone)

Cooling Type: Compressor

Installation: Built-In/Freestanding (24 ” width). Door swings to the left.

Dimensions: H: 33″ W: 23.4″ D: 22.4″

Rating: 4.3/5 (Owners’ Ratings on Amazon).

Price: cc. 800 – 850 USD (cc. 17.7 – 18.9 USD/bottle).

double red arrow pointing to the right About Kalamera

Kalamera is a Chinese-origin brand that has headquarters in the US (California). They sell wine coolers available in various sizes and decor.

The brand has become quite popular over the past couple of years, due to their

  • Affordable prices,
  • Attractive look and design,
  • Reliable operation,
  • A nice selection in models regarding capacity, number of zones and installation,
  • Most models can be built-in cabinetry/under the counter.


  • Great capacity (just stick to ordinary size bottles)
  • Cools to the set temps., holds temperature well
  • Not loud
  • Modern, elegant look
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a safety lock
  • Door opening is reversible
  • Great price compared to similar size wine coolers


  • Might not be able to fill it up with 46 bottles, especially if you have non-standard size/shape bottles
  • Interior light doesn’t switch off by itself (light switch is on the right side of the touch screen control panel).

double red arrow pointing to the right Look and Style

The Kalamera KRC-46DZB boasts a refined look. The matte black cabinet has a sturdy, double pane glass door. The stainless steel trim goes well with the black cabinet.

Kalamera KRC-46DZB (46 Bottles)

The door glass is grey tinted to block UV rays that can spoil the wine’s color and flavour profile. The tint, however, doesn’t obstruct a good view inside the cabinet.

Furthermore, you can turn on the blue LED interior light to provide an even greater view of the stored bottles..

The door opens to the left but it can be reversed. The handle is a solid stainless steel bar ensuring a secure grip when opening the magnetically sealed door.

The wine fridge can be locked should you wish to keep your collection away from children for example.

double red arrow pointing to the right Placement Tips

The cabinet is 24″ wide, and since its vents in the front (through the slits at the bottom in the front), it is perfect for built-in use. You can place it under the counter and it will fit seamlessly with the other furnishing/appliances.

Note: If you build it in please note that the power cord is in the back, so whenever you want to unplug the cooler you have to pull it forward to get to the cord.

Alternatively, you can place it as freestanding too. The wine cooler is fully finished and well crafted, so it will look great in any home setting.

Make sure you wait 2 hours before plugging the cooler in. Just place the fridge in upright position to let the compressor oil settle.

Level the cooler with the two adjustable legs in the front!

double red arrow pointing to the right Shelving – More Space for Red Wines

Showing the wood shelves extended with bottles on them
Wood Racking of the Kalamera 46-Bottle Cooler

Five roll-out natural beech wood shelves hold the bottles:

  • 2 in the upper zone – this is for whites and sparkling wine (see temperature ranges and setting below). You can place here 16 standard-size bottles.
  • 3 in the lower zone – for red wines – has space for 30 bottle altogether,

Shelves extend cc. 8″ when you pull them out to put in or take out bottles.

A stopper at the back of the shelves prevents accidents of pulling a shelf out too far.

The door opens to more than 90 degrees, so you’ll have enough space to fully extend the shelves.

Note: The bottom zone – for storing reds – has more storage space for bottles. So if you prefer whites, the Kalamera 46-Bottle fridge might not be for you.

double red arrow pointing to the right Setting the Temperature

Adjusting the temperature for the two zones is pretty straightforward. Just press the appropriate buttons on the LCD control panel, located between the red and white wine zones:

  • Upper zone (whites, sparkling): press the UP & DOWN arrows on the left side! This will change the temperature by 1 degree between: 40 – 50°F (5 – 10°C).
  • Lower zone (reds): press the UP & DOWN arrows on the right side! One press adjusts the temperature by 1 degree in the range of 50 – 66°F (10 – 18.8°C).
  • To switch between Fahrenheit to Celsius display or vice versa, press the °C/°F button on the left side.
  • You will find the interior light switch on the right side of the LCD panel.

double red arrow pointing to the right Features At A Glance – Kalamera KRC-46DZB

Capacity: 46 standard size and shape bottles

Cooling Method: Compressor with two internal fans for even air circulation.

Number of Zones: Two independently controlled temperature sections.

Temperature Range: Upper Zone (for whites): 40 – 50°F (5 – 10°C), Lower Zone (for reds): 50 – 66°F (10 – 18.8°C).

Temperature Control & Display: Digital thermostat with push button controls, blue LED display .

Cabinet: Black with stainless steel front grille.

Door: Double pane, tempered, gray tinted glass door with sturdy, slightly arched stainless steel handle. Has stainless steel trim.

Door Opening Direction: Swings to the left but can be reversed.

Door Lock: Security lock with key.

Interior Light: Soft blue LED lighting.

Built-in/Freestanding: Built in, fully finished, so can be used as free-standing too.

Shelving: 5 roll-out beech wood shelves with stoppers, can be fully removed. 2 in the top zone, 3 in the bottom.

Noise: Fairly quiet. Rated at 42 dBA.

Electricity Consumption: 0.51 kWh/24 hrs.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 33″
  • Width: 23.4″
  • Depth: 22.4″ (without handle)
  • Weight: 104,5 lbs (47 kg).

Suggested Built-In Dimensions

  • Height: 33.2″
  • Width: 23.8″
  • Depth: 22.4″

double red arrow pointing to the right Price & Warranty

  • Price: cc. 800 – 850 USD (cc. 17.4 – 18.5 USD/bottle – if stocked fully up to 46 bottles).
  • Warranty: 1 year limited (parts and labor).

double red arrow pointing to the right What Owners Say About The Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Fridge?

Most people who purchased the cooler are satisfied with it. According to reviews it maintains temperature quite well in both zones (some experienced up to 5 degrees fluctuation). It doesn’t make much noise if leveled properly, although some owners did mention that they’d thought the wine fridge would be quieter.

The craftmanship and features usually met with the expectations in this price category.

The main issue with the fridge noted by users is that it will not hold 46 bottles more like 40 – 41 bottles (Bordeaux type, 750 ml.

Overall the Kalamera KRC-46DZB is an good/average quality unit in the category of below 1 000 USD twin zone wine coolers.

double red arrow pointing to the right Why Buy?

Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Frdige

he Kalamera 46-Bottle wine cooler is good mid-sized unit at a reasonable price. You might not be able to fill it up with 46 bottles of wine, but at 800 – 850 USD it is still an excellent buy.

Winecooler Expert Team

Look & Feel/Build-Quality
Shelving (Quality/Spacing/Ease Of Use)
Temperature Control & Stability
Noise Level
Price Per Bottle/Value For Money

Why Buy/Not Buy?

It maintains the set temperature quite well in both zones. You can really enjoy your wines – reds or whites/sparkling, dessert wines – cooled to their most suitable temperature.

Doesn’t make much noise – only a slight whir when the compressor runs and the fans work.

No vibration either, so your wines rest safely on the racks. Sedimentation will not be disturbed due to excessive movement. Thus, you can enjoy your wines at their best.

Very pleasant, higher-end look: pretty wood shelves, quality, thermal insulated glass door with stainless steel trim, digital controls and cool, low-intensity blue LED inner light that stylishly illuminates the bottles.

Easy to set up and adjust the temperature.

The red wine zone (bottom part) has space for more bottles than the white wine zone. Thus, if you are a white wine lover and want to chill lots of Chardonnay, Sauvingon Blanc, Pinot Gris, this unit may not be the best choice.

Overall Rating



All in all, the Kalamera 46-Bottle wine fridge will be a pride in any wine connoisseur’s kitchen/living room etc. A superb choice if you are looking for a reliable, moderately priced wine storage with 40+ bottles capacity and dual zone feature.

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