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To help you choose the best freestanding wine cooler or wine cabinet for your needs we compiled the top-rated standalone wine cooler units available on the market today. Freestanding-only wine coolers and wine cabinets cannot be built in kitchen cabientry because they require a few inches space around the sides, at the back and the top for proper ventilation.

There are units that can be used both as standalone and built-in.

This page is an overview of the top-quality freestanding wine coolers/wine cabinets ranging from mini countertop wine coolers to large capacity wine cabinets.

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Where to Place a Freestanding Wine Cooler/Wine Cabinet?

  • Cool Place, Away from Sunlight– The best placement for wine coolers are the coolest places within a home away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.
  • Near a Proper Electrical Outlet – A freestanding wine cooler doesn’t require any special installation work, you only need a proper electrical outlet available. Just plug in the unit and set the proper temperature for your wines. To avoid overload of the outlet do not plug in other electrical appliances into the same outlet with the wine cooler/wine cabinet.
  • Even, Sturdy Floor – Make sure the floor/countertop/ tabletop is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a fully loaded wine cooler. This is especially important in case of large wine cabinets with several hundreds of bottles capacity. Pay also attention to level placement. Most wine cooler refrigerators have leveling legs for easy adjsutment of level placement.

Small Freestanding Wine Coolers

4 Bottle Capacity

A 4-bottle wine fridge costs roughly US$ 90-150 depending on brand and model. 4-bottle wine coolers use thermal electric cooling based on the so-called Peltier effect.They work without a compressor resulting in less vibration and noise. The most popular manufacturers that make 4-bottle wine coolers are: Haier, Koolatron, and the Canadian Chambrer.

Koolatron’s 4-bottle wine cooler offers versatile placement options: it can be mounted on the wall horizontalyl under a cabinet, or can be placed vertically on a countertop or on the floor.

Haier 4-bottle wine cooler refrigerator

The Haier 4-bottle wine cooler, model HVTS04ABB is an all-black, compact unit with easy-to-use digital controls and blue LED display.

It is one of the cheapest models (sells for around US$ 60-90) so if you can’t afford or don’t want to spend a lot on a wine bottle cooler the Haier HVTS04ABB might be a good choice.

Note however that most cheap wine refrigerators (units made by Avanti, Haier, Danby, Chambrer, Cuisinart, Vinotemp) won’t last long. Wine coolers of these brands receive bad reviews from users the most frequent complaints being: early failures, noise, inability to cool to (or hold) set temperature.

Find more recommendations on Freestanding 4-Bottle Wine Coolers.

More Small Size Freestanding Wine Cooler Refrigerators

Standalone wine coolers with 6 – 16 bottle capacity are made by the same manufacturers as the 4-bottle units discussed above.

They also have the same quality problems.

The Most Popular 6-16-Bottle Countertop/Freestanding Wine Coolers.
Vinotemp 6-Bottle Wine Cooelr, wall-mountable
Magic Chef 8-bottle Counter top wine cooler
Sunpentown WC-12 12 Bottle wine cooler
EdgeStar 16-Bottle Wine Cooelr, Freestanding, Thermoelectric

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Slim Freestanding Wine Coolers

Slim Wine Cooler for Freestaning Placement

If you live in a small apartment you might want to consider buying a narrow freestanding wine cooler or wine cooler tower.Chambrer has some nice wine cooler towers that are only 8″ wide.

The Avanti EWC 1201 (or the Avanit EWC120B) stores 12-bottles but only measures 10″ in width.

EuroCave La Petite wine cooler is a high-end 12-bottle unit with only 12″ width.

The Haier HVW18ABB tower wine cooler is also a nice slim model that stores 18 standard size bottles of wine.

See more slim wine cooler refrigerators.

Medium Size Freestanding Wine Coolers

There’s a wide choice in medium capacity freestanding wine refrigerators in all price ranges.

GE PWR04FANBS 29-Bottle wine cooler, single zone

The GE 29-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, Model PWR04FANBS is one of the best-value picks in the category of standalone wine coolers under US$ 500.

Haier America offers several freestanding models. Bottle counts range from 18 up to 50 bottles.There are both single temperature zone and dual zone units.

Vinotemp also has a nice selection of standalone wine fridges. The VT-28TEDS model is a single-zone unit that acconmmodates 26-28 bottles.

Magic Chef makes affordable mid-size wine refrigerators that use compressor cooling:

The Magic Chef MCWC30MCG 30-Bottle wine cooler has one temperature zone.

The Magic Chef MCWC44 DZ is a dual-zone wine fridge with 44 bottles capacity.

Wine Enthsuiast offers a 28-bottle unit (Wine Enthusiast 28-Bottle wine cooler) and a 48-bottle Double-Door model with two independently-controlled temperature zones.

Danby has three popular standalone models: the Danby DWC286BLS with 38-Bottle capacity and two 35-bottle models: the Danby DWC310BL and the Danby DWC3509EBLS.

More Mid-Size Freestanding Wine Coolers:

100-Bottle Wine Coolers

Here are some good quality wine storage coolers that have space for around 100 bottles of wine (+/- 10 bottles).

Large Capacity Freestanding Wine Refrigerators, Wine Cabinets – 100 – 300+ Bottles

EuroCave Origine V180 Freestanding Wine Cellar

If you are looking for a storage solution for have a more than 100 bottles of wine then you should consider buying a large freestanding wine cabinet.

EuroCave, Le Cache, and Vinotheque make the best wine cabinets ensuring high quality of cooling, temperature and humidity control, variable shelving and dependable operation for many years.

These wooden wine cellars not only keep your wine collection in perfect condition but are stylish pieces of furniture that will be a decorative part of any home.

The Cavavin Majestika line of wine cellars offer a wide choise in style and decor.

They also offer a range of customization options:

There are short and tall models, with single or double door.

The high-end wine cabinets made by the above manufacturers cost considerably more than that of other less expensive brands (cc. US$ 3000 – 5000 or more) but they also made of the highest quality of materials with attention paid to every little detail during the manufacturing process.

More High-End Wine Cabinets:

Budget Wine Cabinets – Vintage Keeper (DISCONTINUED/REBRANDED AS Wine KoolR Cabinets)

Vintage Keeper was known for its inexpensive wine cabinets. Bottle capacity ranged from 110 to 500 bottles.

The largest, 500-bottle model (Vintage Keeper Nuvo 500) used to cost cc. 1 200 -1 400 USD. The Vintage Keeper line is now sold under a new brand name: Wine KoolR Cabinets.

There were a lot of quality issues reported by owner so we no longer recommend the Vintage Keeper/Wine KoolR brand.

High-End Models 100+Bottle Wine Refrigerators

Viking 150-Bottle Wine Cellar, Full-Height

Sub-Zero offers sleek wine refrigerators with stainless steel finish.

The Sub-Zero WS-30 wine fridge is their largest model accommodating up to 147 standard size bottles.

All mdoels are equipped with alarm feature and can be operated in Sabbath mode.

Viking has full height wine refrigerators that can be installed either as built-in or freestanding. The largest model has storage capacity for 150 bottles of wine (Viking VCWB series).

The Marvel 66SWCE wine cellar stores up to 108 bottles of wine in its two temperature zones (price: cc. US$ 4500.

Large Wine Refrigerators – Less Expensive Options

Summit SWC1775 120-bottle Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator, Freestanding/Built-In

If you aim to spend less than US$ 2000 on a 100-bottle wine refrigerator then you should pick from models made by Vinotemp, Avanti or Danby.N’FINITY wine cabinets made by Wine Enthusiast offer good value for their price:.

The most capacious models are N’FINITY 340 bottle that comprises of two N’FINITY 170-Bottle models.

The Summit SWC1775 120-bottle wine refrigerator is also a moderately-priced good-quality model with dual temperature zone feature (price: cc.US$ 1230 – 1400).

The Summit SWC1735C has the same bottle count as the SWC1775 with the main differences that it is a single temperature zone unit, has curved glass door and it is only for freestanding use (price: cc. US$ 1600-1700).

The Summit SWC1545 is a bit smaller: it has storage space for max. 80 bottles of wine (price: cc. US$ 800-1100).

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